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Discount movie tickets are available for purchase as follows:

DERC members - $8.50 each.

Non-DERC members - $9.00 each.

Please have your DERC membership card with you when making a purchase, otherwise you could be charged the higher price.

Premiere tickets can be used first day of showing.  

Following is a list of people and their locations where tickets can be purchased.

Renee Dunn, Spec. Comp., B-293

Debbie Caltrider, Delrin, B-200

Kim Flanery, DuPont, B-24

Lora Caplinger, Acrylics, B-145, 1st Floor

Beth Guinn, Chemours, B-1

Missy Tant, B-3

Amanda Bell, EP East End, B-158

Tanya Gherke, Chemours, B-1